I'm Christina - a product designer passionate about creating digital experiences that solve complex user and business needs with elegant solutions. 


Currently - 

Sr Product Designer @ Palo Alto Networks

Based in SF Bay Area

Always down to get caffeinated together


Okyo Garde App

Lead UX Designer • 2020-Now

By Palo Alto Networks

During my time on the Okyo team, I had the opportunity to apply various skills to projects from research and ideation, to hi-fi prototypes and user testing. Although I have worked end-to-end on many different projects, here are some of my favorites highlighted below.

Make Security Events More Actionable 6.png

Actionable Security Events

#mobileux #designsprint #functionality

DS-Thumbnail 2.png

Okyo Core Design System

#styleguide #scalability #glowup

EF-Thumbnail 1.png

Error UI Decision Tree

#uxstrategy #guidelines #internalfacing

Mesh Connection Thumbnail.png

Mesh Node Onboarding

#activation #animation